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What are L3 Atom
Project Fusion ?

L3 Atom

"World’s first open source crypto data initiative. Using advanced maths, data science, high performing computation and clever engineering to solve one of the biggest problems in crypto’s industry such as the unreliable and noisy data problem from any crypto exchange"  

Project Fusion

"Fusion is a multi-modular solution which utilizes machine learning and deep reinforcement learning to improve modules outputs which has the responsibility for producing various indicators based on the patterns in the data and use deep reinforcement learning to find various advanced indicators that are dynamic, complex, and complicated from the raw data in any crypto exchange. Any trader can gain access to higher complexity levels of data and indicators enabling faster and more reliable data from the Project Fusion." 

Both of open source crypto data initiative are provided by GDA Fund

L3 Atom and
Project Fusion

We collect market data from L3 Atom and Project Fusion to feed all the market data into our In-House advanced algorithm 

Managing across multiple portfolios

We built smart algorithm and machine learning for trading to manage multiple assets and applied across our portfolio.

Data Science Acceleration

We use our smart algorithm and machine learning to do big data analysis from all markets data for making an accuracy  decision in our trading models

Second Layers
Monitoring by Human

While having watch dogs algorithm to monitor all parameters across our portfolio, we have a second layers of our risk management system by using human to monitor and check our system to ensure that all algorithms and parameters work correctly in our system.

Why using L3 Atom
Project Fusion ?

Over 10 years of building systematic trading and quantitative trading models, we have found that the more quality and clean data can help us be easily trained our trading models to help our algorithm and machine learning to make an accuracy decision making in trading. L3 Atom and Fusion help us solve an unreliable data quality in cryptocurrency markets that we use for training machine learning.   

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